My journey with sculpting began in 2012 while visiting Murphys Creek Art Centre in South East Queensland, where I was mentored by Geoff & Ginny Ball. A truly inspiring couple, dedicated to drawing out the inner creativity in their students.

Creating art means time away from all things digital, connecting with nature, self and being present while continuing to learn new techniques.

My love of natural light, shade, architecture and organic shapes found in everyday living has always inspired me to create.

I believe everyone is creative in immeasurable amounts, but for most of us, however, being intentional about discovering a medium that best fits us and our creative bent is not a common occurrence.

To me, art is the intentional effort of letting creativity flow without measure or apology, so that others may experience the fullness of your magic.

I invite you to enjoy and share my works in your own living spaces.

Derek Antonievich - Sculptor

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